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best roof decking forum

rv decks | Roof Deck ??? - iRV2 Forums | For the RV! | Pinterest .RV Roof Decks by . Wicked 23 Best Camper Playhouse Even if you're scared she will offer you a safe place to try and she . Motorhome Magazine Open Roads Forum: DIY PVC PipeProjects (You could also do with copper or galvanized)

Roof insulation - Small Cabin Forum.Cabin Forum/Blog: I am looking for some input on insulating a roof. My plans are to have a metal roof. I will be using 3/4 pine boards for the ceiling. I have seen this done with the boards on top of the rafters and foam insulation used between the board decking and the metal. I would like to use this method.

Roof Diaphragm - Sheathing over T&G decking - Wood design and .The IBC doesn't recognize 2x tongue and groove decking (we have 2x6's) as providing roof diaphragm shear behavior. I've heard in the past that placing Structural I plywood or OSB over the top of the decking can provide the necessary diaphragm action. My questions, however, are this: The IBC.

Best Composite Decking Material - 2018 Reviews & Expert Buying .Jan 2, 2018 . Best Composite Decking Material Reviews- 2018 Reviews and Expert Buying Guide. Patrick Mahinge January . Patios are usually wood decks that are low to the ground, while balconies are similar to roof decks in that they are cantilevered designs for the upper rooms of the house. When you are looking.

decking required under metal roof? | Ask The Experts Forum | Metal .I am currently building a new house and plan on using metal roofing. What are the pros and cons of installing the metal roof without using decking and felt. Will it cause a condensation problem? What is the best way to do it to preclude future problems--decking and felt or slats on top of the rafters? Thanks Roy Chandler

Roof Sheathing on Re-roof Project | Structural-Int'l Bldg and Resid'l .Forum Posts: 33. Member Since: December 31, 1969. Offline. Go to Top. Print Post Post #1. Though you're probably already done I'll chime in anyway. "We are going from wood shake roof to Presidential TL asphalt shingle. Old roof was installed over 1x3 skip sheathing and 24" OC rafters. Contractor is installing "15/32.

Asphalt shingles on Shiplap Roof - Ventilation Problems, Solutions .Jul 12, 2011 . Some of my colleagues recommend putting 3/8 plywood on top of the shiplap before using the asphalt shingles, others say don't worry about it. . may not be for a new deck but sure does not help to take out any dips in the roof iam not sayinf 7/16 osb is much better 1/2 plywood is the best deck overall and.

3/8" plywood roof sheathing - InterNACHI Inspection Forum.I'd never seen a home with anything less than 1/2' roof sheathing until the other day when I found one with 3/8' plywood. It had what I call

5 Steps to Proper Roof Sheathing Installation | Professional Builder.Plywood and OSB are ideal materials for roof sheathing systems ranging from simple single-family residences to large commercial buildings. . If the top chords of trusses or rafters are warped or bowed, install blocking to straighten. . For best appearance, use heavier weight shingles, or laminated or textured shingles

Spray foam on underside of roof sheathing | Homeowner's Questions .Spray Foam Homeowner's Questions About Using Foam Questions and Answers and Technical Forums about Foam Insulation, Foam Roofing, Foam Equipment and Building Code Issues on

Cornell University - Milstein Hall - Evans Roofing Company, Inc .This design created a much needed flexible contiguous studio space, a 260-seat auditorium, meeting and exhibition space, and a college forum a signature gallery for collaboration and . The concrete roof deck was primed with Surface Conditioner 150 prior the installation of the Sarnafil G-476 self-adhered membrane

Replacing Roof Decking as Part of Replacing Roof Shingles .Jan 30, 2017 . Oklahoma Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Company,6 the roof was comprised of a top layer of asphalt shingles and an under layer of wood shingles that served as the nailable surface or decking to which the asphalt shingles were attached. Hail, a covered peril under the Farmers policy, damaged the roof.

2x6 t&g roof deck - JLC-Online Forums.Upcoming job is an outdoor "room" with exposed beams/rafters. Looking at using 2x tongue and groove for decking. but need info on allowable spans, best practices, good suppliers, etc. .any suggestions?Timber Frame roof sheathing in Timber Framing/Log construction .Mar 27, 2014 . The inside of the roof sheathing will be visible from below so we were going to use 1x6 T+G boards running vertically, perpendicular to the purlins. We were going to put 3/4 4x8 sheets of ply on top of the T+G with cedar shingles for the roofing. Is the T+G with 3/4 ply on top, a finished thickness of 1 1/2",.

Roof deck lumber - quality question - - An.Good afternoon, Help, the roofers are here as we speak!!! In roofing best practices, what quality/grade of pine lumber should be used

Roof Sheating: 1/2" or 5/8"? | Fine Homebuilding | Breaktime .Roof is 12:12 pitch, and will have either 40 year architectural shingles or 26ga steel roofing over one layer of 30# felt. . We did the best we could. . the road when the roof needs replacing so will the roof sheathing. are you finehomebuilding or fineshackbuilding. when i put a piece of sheathing down i want.

Sheathing under metal roof | if you look closely (I will lend you a ladder); you will find that the condensation is not on the top of the roof, it is running down the underside. Where there are horizontal purlins, you will find bulk water pooling as the condensation drips onto the deck. Where there is a flush connection between deck and.

Do I need to install a plywood deck for my metal roof? - Metal .The previous owner of our house had the metal roof installed without decking. The roof is leaking and the roof needs replacing. Do we have to have a decking put in place to have another metal roof installed? Does standing seam have to have a decking? If not, what is the expected result for future years?Compromised roof sheathing - Roof Forum - The Inspector's Journal.Assuming no one puts there foot through the roof sheathing when they're walking around, will soft delaminated plywood adversely affect the roof life or per. . The asphalt comp roof cover looks about 5-7 yrs old with no visible problems up top. I don't think I will get too worked up over this. I'll write the report.

Metal Roof on Purlins v.s. Decking | Ask The Experts Forum | Metal .It currently has decking over the rafters, with the old metal shingles (yes, metal shingles) applied to that. I will be . I have the option of installing the new roof directly to the existing deck (or installing new decking if need be), OR installing 1x4 purlins 2 ft. o.c. onto the . An informed customer is the Best Customer! 9/20/2014

Pine Board Sheathing for Homes - Woodweb.Jul 14, 2010 . Forum Responses (Sawing and Drying Forum) From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor: The plywood or OSB sheathing provides a . For roof, siding, and porch restorations in our historic districts, if board sheathing has rotted away and needs to be replaced, we restrict against OSB, etc. as.

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