compare pool deck surfaces magazine


compare pool deck surfaces magazine

2012 Pool and Spa Code Affects Deck Builders | Professional Deck .26 Nov 2012 . A Contributing editor and code official Glenn Mathewson responds: The International Code Council released a new model code this year, the 2012 International Swimming pool and Spa Code. Many requirements related to pools and spas have long been in the codes, such as those regarding electrical bonding and nearby glazing. Never has code extended, however, to the properties and geometry of the walking surfaces surrounding pools and spas until now.

Build the Perfect Pool Deck: Part 3 of 3 Finishing the Deck .3 Apr 2015 . A how-to on finishing the concrete pool deck and sealers for salt water pool decks. . The dback is you are again putting a topical film on the surface, so slip-resistance is a concern. In my opinion, if you're going to have any kind of salt on your concrete, . We have achieved the best results using a hopper gun, like you would use for spray textures or GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) mixes, to broadcast the aluminum oxide. Have one person spray the sealer .

Smarten Up the Pool Deck| Concrete Construction Magazine .17 May 2007 . Sometimes homeowners fear their backyard will be destroyed, says Mark Feldstein, CEO, Jeff Kerber pool Plastering, Montclair, Calif. This offers an opportunity to talk about an overlayment if the deck is still intact. As a large swimming pool remodeler, the company takes special care to estimate the preparation costscrack repair, shot blasting the surface, correcting improper drainage, and changing the deck's configuration to offer options to the customer for a .

Rubber Safety Surfacing - Concrete Decor Magazine.3 Apr 2014 . Florida homeowners opted to resurface a patched and repaired concrete pool deck with TPV rubber. Photo courtesy . It's a neat way of treating broken concrete without ripping the surface out, says John Schroeter, owner of Ideal Surfacing in Toronto, Ontario, who has been in the rubber safety surfacing business for three years. A typical . If you were holding up a handful of each product, you would not see any difference between the two, Bagwell says. Preference .

Pool Decks Surfaces- Pictorial Examples of Concrete Pool Deck .Depending on the surface treatment you choose, you can design your concrete pool deck to blend in with your home's exterior facade and surrounding landscaping or you can turn it into the focal point of your backyard. You can also stamp and texture concrete to mimic other pool deck materials such as stone, brick and even wood. Keep in mind that pool decks have special performance requirements when compared with a typical patio. pool decks need to resist constant exposure to .

Pool Decks | Professional Deck Builder | Design, Outdoor Rooms .1 Mar 2011 . After safety, the next consideration is providing access to the mechanical parts of the pool. Most aboveground swimming pools have one main pump, jet, and filter, plus a skimmer. The pump and the filter need to be accessible for routine cleaning and winterization. The skimmer is generally flush with the surface of the deck or a couple of inches below and has a prefilter - to keep large contaminants like bugs and leaves from entering the pump - that requires regular .

Remodeling Pool Decking | pool owners will spend more time on their pool deck than actually inside their swimming pool. During a pool remodel, it is important to choose a decorative concrete, stone, or wood pool deck that is inviting, beautiful and provides a safe non-slip surface for sunbathing, entertaining, playing and hanging out. Choosing the right swimming pool deck is just as important as choosing the right size and shape of your swimming pool. One thing to remember when choosing a deck: if you .

Improving Traction on a Pool Deck| Concrete Construction .13 Mar 2005 . Q. I am on the board of our local recreation association. We operate an indoor swimming pool that is about three years old. The pool deck, which is about 2100 square feet, was supposed to have a brushed finish, but the surface grooves are inconsistent and sometimes not even visible. Now our members are slipping on the surface when it is wet. The surface also shows some discoloration and staining. I've heard mixed feedback regarding the use of a mild acid .

Pool Deck | Resurfacing | Decorative Concrete | Concrete Decor.10 Dec 2007 . Timberlake Condos pool deck The swimming-pool courtyard should have been an aesthetic focal point for the upscale gated condo community. But the old pool deck was scarred with cracks, and when decorative planters leaked and . Timberlake Condos pool deck Hallack took several steps to prepare the surface so the overlay installation would be successful. Microcoatings are very temperamental, he says. People really have to know how to prep the subgrade, .

Build the Perfect Pool Deck: The Subgrade | Building a concrete .5 Jul 2014 . In this first of a three-part article on installing pool decks, we discuss how to prepare a subgrade for a decorative concrete pool and deck. . Surface Preparation; Tips & How-Tos; Jason Geiser. Building a concrete pool deck subgrade Deco-Crete Supply Inc., Orrville, . If you have poured concrete around swimming pools, you know that it provides unique challenges that you usually don't have to deal with on normal patios or sidewalks. This article is the first in a series .

New materials in pool and spa decking - AQUA Magazine.New materials are winning converts among deck builders. . Most inground pools are surrounded in some fashion of concrete, but wood-style decking is increasingly popular around inset spas, both to create easy access and to help hide the skirt, which many feel is the spa's least attractive feature. And

Facility Operations - Pool Surfaces & Hardscapes| Aquatics .1 Jun 2010 . When it comes to pool deck materials and finishes, there are myriad choices, including ceramic tile, poured concrete, textured modified cement, stone, brick, wood, epoxy aggregates or pebble surfaces, rubber granules or tiles, artificial . In addition, the American National Standard for Suction Entrapment Avoidance in Swimming pools, Wading pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Catch Basins was approved in 2006 by the Association of pool & Spa Professionals and The .

Restoring Swimming Pool Decks with an Artistic Flair | Concrete Decor.23 Jun 2004 . Whether the job calls for a sweeping overhaul a la Chris McMahon or simply a tinted overlay that adds some splash to a dull deck, decorative concrete has become a standard feature in swimming pool makeovers. Clean lines with dark borders creates a sophisticated and timeless looking pool deck Common coatings. In recent years, the two perennial favorites in concrete decking, spraydeck and kooldeck, have been joined at poolside by the new generation of .

Jump in! Perfecting the Decorative Concrete Pool Deck | Concrete .28 Jun 2006 . One of the most popular applications for architectural concrete is the pool deck. decks have been constructed with concrete for as long as there have been modern swimming pools, and we all remember the hot, scratchy surfaces of our childhood. But new decorative finishing techniques make pool decks comfortable, durable, safe and most noticeably beautiful. "The pool deck is the largest thing that people will see in the context of pool and deck," says Tom .

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