pricing for synthetic ice panels


pricing for synthetic ice panels

Synthetic Ice Prices | Synthetic Ice Cost | Synthetic Ice Solutions.synthetic ice Prices. We offer the best synthetic ice prices in the industry, guaranteed. The prices below are examples as volume discounts may also apply, but please be aware that we will build a rink that is customized to fit your exact dimensions at no extra cost. We do all the work, all you need to do is fit it together like a jigsaw puzzle and you're ready to skate. While the initial cost for a synthetic ice rink is substantial it's important to keep in mind that once you have one there are no .

Synthetic ice pricing/Popular Packages.synthetic ice RESIDENTIAL PACKAGES (4,25$/sq2). KIT 1. 118 sq2. 20 panels. Price 501,50$. KIT 2. 141 sq2. 24 panels. Price 599,25$. KIT 3. 248 sq2. 42 panels. Price 1 054$. Glide Liquid 50$ liter. We also built to your specification. Prices are in Canadian funds. This is for residential application. Flat and smooth surface is needed for installation. Local Taxes are not included. Transport FOB Granby. Standard warranty applies. Payment by visa, Master Card, Wire transfer, Pay .

Cheap synthetic ice - is low cost artificial ice worth it? - GliceRink.4 Nov 2015 . More and more synthetic ice brands are popping up in the market and many of them are offering cheap, budget and low-cost prices for their plastic ice. As you may know if you put cheap plastic sheets on the floor you can already ice skate on it, that question is, is i t realistic? Is it fun? You well know ice-skating on plastic is not fun. synthetic ice Technology matters. Since regular white plastic looks exactly the same like high grade synthetic ice in its look, people think .

EZ Glide 350 Synthetic ice pricing and personalized quote request.Engineered specifically for light-duty, low intensity hockey applications, the EZ Glide NC panel is the perfect solution for home studio puck drills, shooting drills and stick-handling practice. EZ Glide NC synthetic ice is a double-sided, noncommercial-grade material with a light-weight center core. Though less dense, EZ Glide NC offers the same outstanding skating characteristics and surface as the commercial-grade EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice panel, allowing the skater the ultimate . : PolyGlide Home Ice Panel Kit - As Seen on Shark : PolyGlide Home ice Panel Kit - As Seen on Shark Tank - (4), 2 ft x 4 ft, synthetic ice panels : Sports & Outdoors. . NEW Self-Lubricating Panel requires no enhancer or spraying, PolyGlide ice is a premium grade synthetic ice surface that offers optimum glide and performance. Easy set-up . I have not had too much experience with other synthetic ice but it is as or slicker than the other ice products that i have tried at our local hockey store at a fraction of the cost. Finally .

Synthetic Ice Warehouse: Pricing discounts and online specials .synthetic ice Warehouse panels offer another option for our clients. Each used EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice panel is closely inspected prior to being entered into the Warehouse for resale. The synthetic ice Warehouse panels can be utilized for public skating, figure and hockey commercial training facilities, show skating, and residential installations. Sold at a reduced price, these panels are available in the 1/2 inch thickness measuring 46 inches x 91 inches (1.168 meters x 2.311 .

Synthetic Ice by HockeyShot - #1 Fake Ice Rink Surface | HockeyShot.synthetic ice Panel Features. Our Interlocking Dovetail panels significantly outperform traditional spline and square-edge styles. Built with VHMW-PE (Very High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) for better performance and durability. Best coefficient levels of friction on the market (10%-15% greater than real ice)perfect for training and exercise purposes. Get pricing Info. I wish I would have had access to HS synthetic ice when I was a kid aspiring to be an NHL player. Their synthetic ice .

The Cost of Building a Synthetic Ice Rink | HockeyShot.19 May 2017 . Do you want to set up a practice surface in your basement for hockey workouts year long, or are you tired of mowing your back lawn? A synthetic ice rink can be an excellent way to organize a great environment for skating practice or for keeping your hockey skills sharp when you can't book ice time at your local rink. You might be skeptical of buying and installing synthetic ice, but if you compare these alternatives, the price will seem a lot more affordable! Consider the .

Synthetic Ice Warehouse: Discounted Artificial Ice Panels by EZ Glide.EZ Glide 350 commercial-grade panel is thoroughly inspected prior to being entered into the Warehouse for sale. These 1/2 inch thick DoveTail style panels measure 46 inches x 91 inches (1.168 meters x 2.311 meters) and can be utilized for public skating, figure and hockey commercial training facilities, show skating and residential applications. synthetic ice Warehouse panels are limited in availability; however, when in stock can be purchased at substantially discounted rates.

synthetic ice pricing - SmartRink.9 Aug 2013 . Molecular weight of synthetic ice material. Generally speaking the synthetic ice pricing will be greater per pane

Pricing - Syn-ice.Due to the many different Syn-ice products and accessories available from Syn ice, we prefer to custom tailor our standard prices to a customer's specific project needs. We like to consult with each customer personally by phone or email to help them purchase synthetic ice products that are ideally suited to their needs as well as their budget. We can assist with the calculation of how many synthetic ice panels are required, determining what sub-surface preparation may be required, .

Synthetic Ice Rinks - Glice Swiss Engineered Artificial Ice.synthetic ice price and cost. Plastic ice price varies depending on quality. It is however important to make the distinction between artificial ice cost and price. synthetic ice price is what you pay for an artificial ice rink, while cost is how much the synthetic ice rink will cost over the lifetime of the plastic rink. Cost due to increased shavings, more frequent sharpening as well as opportunity cost if your clients are not happy in case of lower quality. FIND OUT .

Synthetic ice price: why isn't it cheap? - Xtraice.Skate blade abrasion is an important factor in determining synthetic ice price, and in this area Xtraice stands far above the rest. Our panels feature the lowest skate blade abrasion on the market, while other cheaper synthetic ice causes rapid abrasion as well as excessive shavings and debris, which complicate skating and maintenance. Xtraice has developed a molecular structure and a friction coefficient that minimize these pitfalls, making an Xtraice synthetic ice rink an economically .

Pricing - - Global Synthetic Ice.The regular price of Super-Glide SLICK, with its advanced chemical composition is $225/panel. Only the highest quality of polymers are used, no recycled plastic here. Current Offer Super-Glide SLICK is only $149/panel. Call for Special pricing on 20+ panel orders. (Price for USA ONLY, other countries please contact us for export pricing). Special pricing on line Shop Now! If you ever wanted your own rink, now is the time! Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice Dimensions. 4' x 4' x 3/8", .

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